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MENTALFIT - Mental Health Test

The object of this test is to assess your mental health. It is a unique test which is directed towards both basic categories of mental disorders (neuroses – anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia) and stress of different origins and tries to reveal their foundations.
The time for completing the test is not limited. However, try to work quite quickly and do not think about the individual sentences too long. Allow about 15-20 minutes for doing the test. Answer truthfully, not according to your wishes. The result of the test should work for you, not the other way round.
The test is designed for adults. The provider cannot and does not bear any responsibility for potential mental distress or other troubles which the result of the test could cause you. If you are worried about your reaction to the result, we do not recommend that you undertake the test.
See also the terms of use of web and disclaimer.
The assessment of the test is available immediately, the test is fully on-line. The result is very extensive, you can find explanations of all professional terms used. If some disorders are found, there are recommendations of what the next steps should be as well.
An example result can be found here.
The test includes immediate assessment and is completely free of charge.
The result of the test will be displayed on your screen, as well as being sent immediately to your email.
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